• 1993Born In Mainland of Penang

    Born in the mainland of Penang in 1993, Chris Teng was exposed to personal computer at a very young age with Windows 3.1x as the operating system and enjoyed playing typing games and Mario at that time.
  • 2004Opportunity to Learn about Programming Script

    When he’s in primary school, he was obsessed with online MMORPGs such as GunBound, MapleStory, World of Warcraft etc that later became the reasons for him to study about programming script to build aimbot, macro, autobot etc.
  • 2005Achievement in Typing Competition

    At the age of 12, he participated in the Penang State Touch Typist Competition under 12 with 133 WPM and became the first runner-up. His practices of typing games since a young age had helped him to work faster at the later phase of his programming journey.
  • 2008Begin the Journey of Web Developer

    Due to his passion for his guilds and alliances in several MMORPGs, he built forums, membership sites and also customized blogs for the community with actual hands-on experience as the webmaster behind those systems.
  • 2011Freelancer that Provides Web Development & Digital Marketing Services

    He started his career in web development as a freelancer when he's a student in INTI International College Penang. Chris Teng has the vision to create positive influence to business and society through leading marketing and branding solutions. During that period of time, he found out that most of the business owners who already had their websites did not have too much benefit from the rise of internet users around the world. He realized that visitors to the website is one of the important factors to make the website into a piece of virtual golden assets that can generate sales revenue for the business. In order to provide more value to the business owners, he ventured into the field of digital marketing to help the business owners to generate more sales revenue.
  • 2013Developing Customised Web-Based Software Projects

    He managed to secure customized software development projects that are related to the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system. By participating in the MLM system project, he had developed a strong interest in the referrals and affiliates system that distributes bonus commissions to agents that helps to grow the business of the clientele.
  • 2015Establishment of Webist Pro Sdn Bhd

    He started Webist Pro Sdn Bhd with Dato Eddy Choong when he was still studying engineering degree course as a 3rd year student in Universiti Sains Malaysia. Webist mainly consists of 2 divisions that focus on IT software development such as customer relationship management (CRM) System, trading robot, blockchain technology etc. together with digital marketing respectively. Moreover, a development contract of cryptocurrency exchange was awarded to Webist in the same year.
  • 2016Head Trainer for Corporate Training

    He is a HRDF certified trainer and started corporate training as a head trainer in 2016 for Advanced Facebook Marketing + Data Analytics Class, Search Engine Optimisation & Google AdWords Class etc. In the year 2020, he introduced the 360 Virtual Tour + Virtual Reality (VR) Class as internal training for several property agencies and developers.
  • 2018Transforming Agriculture With Smart Farming Technology

    Since 2018, he joined Sri Walis (M) Sdn Bhd as IT & Big Data Director by transforming a big-scale agriculture plantation with the support of smart farming technology and big data analytics. Focusing on durian plantations, the plantation management system has been implemented together with Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors and devices that convert the traditional farm into data-oriented plantations.
  • CurrentCareer in IT Software Development & Digital Marketing

    Up to current date, he serves as Technical Director of Webist Pro Sdn Bhd where he is managing the division of IT Software Development including Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) System, Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Based System, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) System etc. On the other hand, he’s also managing the digital marketing division who is responsible for integrating paid media and digital marketing strategies to skyrocket the sales revenues for the businesses. Social media, search engine, display ads, video ads, email marketing, WhatsApp marketing and various other digital channels are the territories to be dominated by the clientele of Webist Group of Companies.